This is the last building to be completed in the master planned Fremont Lake Union Center development.  Lakeview is a mixed use building of approximately 110,000 sf of office space, 10,000 sf of retail space and 88,000 sf of underground parking.  The development is located at the beginning of the Fremont Cut in the desirable Fremont neighborhood with the Burke Gilman Trail System, Lake Union, multiple shops, stores, and restaurants; all within walking distance.  The project was built with a view corridor to Lake Union and an art decor pebbled path running in between the buildings including a unique mosaic walking area with planter boxes.

Building type: Four story Class “A” office space and retail over underground parking
Square footage: 120,000
Architect: Mark Travers Architects
Our work: Involved from the land purchase through the permit and building processes; leased to the Institute of Biology and Tableau Software Company.  Sold the building in 2009.

Address: 737 N 34th Street Seattle, Washington

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