Keane Building

The Keane Building has a creative environment set by itself up on a slight hillside with a unique central glassed atrium entryway.  The building is located in the excellent Totem Lake area of Kirkland near I-405 with freeway signage and exposure.  Now known as the Kirkland 405 Building and home to an aerospace engineering company.  Formerly the first Costco headquarters.

Building type: Three story Class “A” office space
Square footage: 63,217
Lot size: 3.45 acres
Refurbish Architect: Freiheit & Ho, Rick Grimes
Our work: Renovated the lobby and common areas.  Leased it to the call center, Wireless Data Services North America. Inc. (WDS Global); the worlds leading provider of an integrated service framework to the wireless industry.  Sold the building in 2006.

Address: 10809 120th Avenue NE, Kirkland, Washington

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