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Set in the heart of downtown Redmond, this unique retail complex is just across the street from the apartment and condominium complexes now lining Cleveland Street and Redmond Way.  Bedrock was comprised of the Windermere real estate offices, a veterinarian, Quizno’s, and the historic landmark, the Stonehouse at the time of our ownership.  The Stonehouse was built in 1914 by a one-eyed barkeeper and his wife with local river rock and red bricks.  Local folklore says that they used the house to illegally store liquor during the Prohibition years.  There is easy access to the Sammamish River Trail System and Redmond Town Center from this project.  

Building type: Multiple small retail and office buildings including the historic Stonehouse
Square footage: 7,379 Windermere offices, 954 Stonehouse and a 3,000 new retail building
Lot size: .99 acres over 6 lots
Awards: The Stone House was listed as a Redmond historical building in 2007.
Retail and Remodel Architect: Freiheit & Ho, Rick Grimes
Our work: Remodeled an existing 3,700 sf restaurant into a large Windermere office, built an additional small retail building with three retail spaces, leased all of the above and sold the buildings in 1999.  Sold Lot B at the back of the property to the Mexican restaurant behind for extra parking for them.
Status: Sotheby’s is now in the Windermere space and the small retail building was torn down to make way for Redmond’s new Downtown City Park adjacent to the property.  The Stonehouse is currently an award winning boutique restaurant.

Address: 16244 Cleveland Street and 16261 Redmond Way in Redmond, Washington

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