We had designed Pruland to be an urban village consisting of a seven floor apartment building with artist’s lofts on the upper floors and retail on the first floor.  Another building in the village was to be a six floor apartment building also with retail on the first floor.   The seven floor building was designed in the shape of a U with an inner garden courtyard.  The six floor building was designed in the shape of a C with an inner courtyard located on the corner of 94th and Stone Avenue.  Total square footage of the two buildings combined would have been 341,751 encompassing 400+ residential units and would have had below grade parking.  These buildings were never built.

Building type: Existing concrete service building and an adjacent parcel of land to build an urban village with an apartment complex and retail space.
Proposed square footage:  341,751
Lot size:
Parcel A: 1.37 acres, Parcel B: 1.27 acres
Proposed Buildings Architect:
Our work:
Started with the land purchase, then worked with the City of Seattle and the architects to design an urban apartment village.
Status: Sold to Puget Energy during the design process.  Puget Energy uses the existing concrete building as their office and the adjacent land as a storage facility.  Previous home to Comcast.

Address: 1140 Stone Avenue N, Seattle, Washington

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