All Star Fitness

All Star Fitness is a Class A athletic center that features a climbing wall in the all glass entryway.  The club’s main floor includes an Olympic sized swimming pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, basketball court, a teen room, men and women’s locker rooms as well as an inviting reception and retail area.  The building has a 17,500 sf mezzanine that includes aerobic studios and a kid’s club.

Building type: Free standing athletic building
Square footage: 69,546
Lot size: 3.979 acres
Architect: Curtis Beattie & Associates
Our work: Renovated and added to an existing free standing eight-plex cinema building.  Turned it into an all glass front athletic club and leased it to All-Star Fitness Club.  Sold the building in 2011.  Now it is the home of Fit Republic.

Address: 31 Montana Avenue, Tacoma, Washington

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